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Managing Director Torsten Loose speaks about the company’s close cooperation with customers, about what is so special about BOETTGER|ZUCKER and about why sugar is an ingredient.

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Torsten Loose
Managing Director

You value having a trust-based cooperation with your customers. What do you do in order to achieve that?

“Our customers should benefit from the value creation we can offer them. Achieving these added values requires trust. For example: if a customer allows us insight into their sugar store, we can give them suggestions for reducing storage costs. Or if a food producer tells us something about the development of his product – only in this way can we give him recommendations for the right types of sugar. Of course, we keep all this information to ourselves. We have earned the trust of our many longstanding customers and we are committed to keeping it this way.”

What is so special about your brand, BOETTGER|ZUCKER?

“The brand stands for high quality and a selected assortment of sugar varieties. The brand gathers the over 100 years of experience of the Boettger Group, which is reflected in our network of partners. This experience is drawn from the entire value-added chain: beginning with our worldwide suppliers, through our own sugar processing, all the way to the classic retail trade. The brand is based on all of that. For our customers, this means, that when they buy BOETTGER|ZUCKER, they receive carefully selected sugar varieties that are special ingredients for their foods.”

You say that sugar is an ingredient. What do you mean by that?

“I’ll give you an example: Dark Muscovado has a note of liquorice. For sweets manufacturers, this property could be precisely that certain something that makes their product special. In this way, the manufacturer can stand out from the competition. The individual varieties of sugar have completely different effects on the flavour of food products. If you don’t know that, you’re missing out on opportunities. This is where our user knowledge can support and come to the benefit of our customers.”

You source your sugar from 5 continents. How does your sugar get to Europe?

“Our distribution sister company Zuckerhandelsunion cooperates with over 100 sugar producers across the world. We obtain sugar for our customers in Europe through this company. The Zuckerhandelsunion specializes in the worldwide market.”